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Year 2021 at the Faculty of Biology

Teaching Year 2021 brought the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw many reasons to be proud of.

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Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw – the best biology programme in Poland

The University of Warsaw was ranked first in all study programmes available at the Faculty of Biology in the Perspektywy 2021 ranking.

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Ecology and Biotechnology run by the University of Warsaw present in the Shanghai 2021 ranking of scientific disciplines

Ecology and Biotechnology, run by the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Biology, were classified in this year's Shanghai Ranking of scientific fields. Ecology was ranked 201-300, and biotechnology - 301-400 among 500 listed entities.

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4EU+ Against Cancer Summer School

Cancer is one of the most challenging global health issues that cannot be effectively addressed without the development of research and education. 4EU+ students can now apply for a 7-day ...

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Information for students from Ukraine

Students from Ukraine who want to attend lectures on biology, biotechnology or environmental protection free of charge are invited to contact the vice-dean for student affairs, dr. hab. Magdalena Markowska.

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