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Service units of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw offers scientific and commercial cooperation with the use of specialized infrastructure as well as scientific and research services. The Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw has twelve specialized apparatus laboratories, a multimedia laboratory, a collection of microorganism cultures and an animal facility. Service units of the Faculty of Biology cooperate on the basis of internal services for employees of the University of Warsaw and commercial terms for other scientific and research units (e.g. universities and institutes) as well as business and industrial partners. The price list for internal services is available on the employee’s portal, while commercial price lists are available on the website of each service unit.

List of service units of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

  • Laboratory of Biogeochemistry and Environmental Protection
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
  • Flow Cytometry Laboratory
  • Genotyping Laboratory
  • Image Information Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Environmental Instrumental Analyzes
  • Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
  • Laboratory of Confocal Microscopy
  • Laboratory of Water Protection and Restoration
  • Collection of Microorganism Cultures
  • Animal Facility
  • Multimedia Laboratory