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ERASMUS+ Offer at the Faculty of Biology

The Faculty of Biology comprises 26 departments organised into eight institutes. Additionally, there is an opportunity to participate in field courses at our field stations in Urwitałt and Białowieża.

Our offering of lectures and laboratories conducted in English is part of the Sustainable Development program.

For regular student exchanges in the ERASMUS+ program:

Contact: http://en.bwz.uw.edu.pl/

For Lab Projects on ERASMUS+ exchange:

  • Contact: http://en.bwz.uw.edu.pl/
  • Identify a Lab Project Coordinator within our Faculty by searching through Institutes and Departments.
  • Get in touch with the potential Lab Project Coordinator.
  • Reach out to the ERASMUS+ Coordinator at the Faculty of Biology.

ERASMUS+ Coordinator at the Faculty of Biology:

Dr. Ewa Kozłowska
e-mail: ekozlowska@biol.uw.edu.pl

For ERASMUS+ Internships

Identify a Lab Coordinator for the project/lab you wish to join and visit: https://biurokarier.uw.edu.pl/