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Student Council – Faculty of Biology

We are here to solve students problems – programme of studies, regulations, social assistance etc.

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STUDENT COUNCIL at Faculty of Biology

  1. Kamil Jurgilewicz – President
  2. Agata Bluszcz – Vice President
  3. Agata Lewandowska – Vice President
  4. Filip Romaniuk
  5. Klaudia Staśkiewicz
  6. Julia Karbowska
  7. Jagoda Ratnayake
  8. Maciej Ołdak
  9. Barbara Popławska

Council of Faculty of Biology Delegates

  1. Kamil Jurgilewicz
  2. Agata Bluszcz
  3. Klaudia Staśkiewicz
  4. Marcin Mazurkiewicz
  5. Zofia Olszewska
  6. Magdalena Pełka
  7. Maciej Ołdak


  1. Agata Bluszcz
  2. Klaudia Staśkiewicz
  3. Agnieszka Adamska
  4. Julia Karbowska
  5. Marcin Mazurkiewicz
  6. Maria Jagielska


  1. Katarzyna Skłodowska
  2. Agata Lewandowska

We represent students before Faculty Authorities and beyond. We are also responsible for organizing cultural and sport activities for students.

Student Council Office
2nd floor, room 205A
Phone: (+48) 22 55 41 918
email: kontakt.samorzadwb@gmail.com

You are all welcome to reach out to us – we are here for you!