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COVID-19 safety procedures at Faculty of Biology

Procedures for when an Employee, a PhD Student or a Student…

  • Who to inform if you are:
    • an Employee – your Operational Chief and the Dean – Krzysztof Spalik (dziekan@biol.uw.edu.pl);
    • a PhD Student – your Advisor and head of Doctoral Studies dr hab. Ewa Borsuk (borsuk@biol.uw.edu.pl) or head of Doctor School;
    • a Student – your Tutor and the Vice Dean for Student Affairs dr hab. Magdalena Markowska (studencki@biol.uw.edu.pl).
  • Operational Chiefs, Advisors or Tutors of a person who tested positive inform Director of their Unit and establish the list of people who contacted the person infected with Sars-CoV-2 immediately.
  • Director of the Unit informs Romuald Stęborowski (tel. 22 55 42 318, e-mail: rost@biol.uw.edu.pl)or throughout concierge. Director of the unit should also apply to Romuald Stęborowski for checking magnetic card log history, if needed to establish the list of people who contacted person tested positive.
  • Director of the Unit informs the people indicated on the established list immediately about the risk of infection and send the list to the Dean. Every person, who was informed about the contact is advised to work from home until quarantine period is over or up until they test negative.
  • If it is impossible to contact the person who tested positive and therefore it is impossible to establish the list of people who contacted the person Director of the Unit should send e-mail to all Employees of the Faculty at wszyscy@biol.uw.edu.pl.
  • a Person who had contact with someone who is infected with Sars-CoV-2 or is quarantined informs his/her Operational Chief/Advisor/Tutor and the Dean of the Faculty of Biology
  • works from home until the end of quarantine or until negative diagnostic test
  • Contact with a person who is quarantined and shows the symptoms of an infection should be treated like contact with someone who tested positive (inform Operational Chief and work from home)
  • Contact with a person who is quarantined and does not show symptoms of an infection should not result in working from home. You can come to work yet avoid contacting others and check whether the quarantined person you contacted did not develop symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

How we work during pandemic

  • Your work should be fitted in timetable which is established by the Directors of Institutes. If the Institutes are formed of Departments, timetables can be established by certain Head of the Department.
  • In one room there can be one person at a time
  • Minimise contact with others. Do not enter the rooms occupied by other people – choose phone or email contact instead of contacting in person. While delivering required documents leave them in designated place and leave.
  • Avoid stationary work if possible. People at a high risk of COVID-19 due to age and/or chronic illnesses are advised to work from home, especially when stationary work requires commuting by public transport. This does not apply to those who do not contact any person at work and commute by personal transport, by bike or on foot.
  • Remember to present your magnetic card at the door – this will help tracking in case of a need to establish people who contacted infected person.
  • Please inform Director of Administration Magdalena Sobolewska-Bereza at dyrektor.admin@biol.uw.edu.pl to inform about night hours schedule if certain work is needed.
  • All administration Offices are working remotely with stationary shifts.
  • There is a selected zone for Faculty employees in the canteen (entrance on -1 level, next to restrooms). Only takeaway meals are available.
  • Business trips have to be approved by the Dean. For international business trips please check current restrictions.

How we teach during pandemic

  • Classes and lectures will be online until further notice. The Vice Dean for Student Affairs publishes the list of practical classes/laboratories that are not possible online
  • Research for your diploma can be conducted stationary regarding to the rules of social distancing and timetables of work

Sanitary guidlines

  • For sanitary guidelines at the University of Warsaw check https://www.uw.edu.pl/wytyczne-sanitarne-dotyczace-funkcjonowania-obiektow-uw/
  • It is not allowed to be present at the Faculty if even one symptom of infection is present. In case of doubt sef isolation is suggested.
  • Do cover your mouth and nose. Room for individual work or those with protecting screens with UV lights turn on are an exception
  • Keep 2 meters distance and wash your hands
  • Minimise the time spent with others, especially in closed areas


  • Dean’s Representative responsible for hygienic and sanitary requirements Romuald Stęborowski 22 55 42 318 or via concierge or via e-mail: rost@biol.uw.edu.pl
  • Other important issues or safety issues contact Director of Administration dr Magdalena Sobolewska-Bereza, tel. 608 401 993, or the Dean prof. Krzysztof Spalik tel. 604 922 750.


  • Mutual safety does not depend on commands and prohibitions, but also on our good will and kindness. Please respect fears and worries of others. There are people among us who are more sensitive to the situation and more vulnerable due to their health or taking care of significant others who may be in risk due to COVID-19 infection.

Dean of the Faculty of Biology: Krzysztof Spalik