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SARS-COV-2 coronavirus announcements

How do we teach?

  • ● Lectures and classes are conducted stationarily. In justified cases, the vice-dean for student affairs may consent to online classes.
  • ● Experimental research of graduate and doctoral students may be conducted to comply with all the rigours that apply to employees.

What are the sanitary guidelines?

  • The current sanitary guidelines for work in the facilities of the University of Warsaw are available on the website https://www.uw.edu.pl/wytyczne-sanitarne-dotyczace-funkcjonowania-obiektow-uw/
  • It is forbidden to stay in the department of people who have even one of the symptoms of infection – in other words – we do not come to the department with an elevated temperature, cough, etc. (even if we blame it on a common cold). Self-isolation is recommended in any doubtful situation.
  • It is not obligatory to cover the mouth and nose in laboratories and offices, excluding single-person rooms or where partitions separate workstations and UV lamps are turned on; however, it is recommended.

Savoir-vivre – how to live?

  • In these challenging times, our common security depends not only on do’s and don’ts but also on our goodwill and mutual kindness. Let us respect the concerns of others, if only by simply being polite. We should remember that there are people among us who, due to their health, past diseases or care for people at risk or elderly, may have a lower sensitivity threshold for the risk of infection. The distance that we think is safe may be too close for them. Behaviour that we think is safe (though not necessarily safe) may be unacceptable to them. Let us respect that.

Dean of the Faculty of Biology: Krzysztof Spalik